Unexpected Wild


We take matters into our own hands. We’re independent, we want to be self-sufficient and we want to know more – how things work and where they come from. We are keen to recycle, upcycle and we research how to do our own DIY projects. We give nature a chance to grow wild…

Picture a room with a robust, nonchalant yet distinctly cosy look. The materials used are natural, weathered and unrefined – no frills here. “Simple” and “natural” are words that set the tone. Houseplants play an important role. To give an impression of our direct connection with nature, the plants are likely be a spontaneous collection: old ones, new ones and plants taken from cuttings. This idea is reinforced by the use of terracotta and transparent glass pots. Home accessories appear homemade, everyday utensils are transformed into practical, no-nonsense accessories. The use of white and greyed blonde wood keeps stuffiness at bay. You have a deep sense of the natural environment, but the nostalgic elements recently combined with the natural look are now few and far between. This results in a “less refined”, more authentic room than before.

Unrefined robust shapes that have a simple natural look.

The materials are natural and have a rugged or weathered look. These include: wood, canvas, oxidised metals, stone, rough concrete, rope, earthenware, terracotta, and crackle-glazed ceramics.